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How to order

Select items from a wide range of designs and sizes in our semi-order system, and find your favorite one.
It is a completely made-to-order product that fits your body.
Please make sure to agree to the following terms before placing an order.

1. Purchasing from overseas 

We have introduced an online purchase and shipping service through “Buyee Connect” for overseas customers.
Please confirm ”Buyee Connect” for purchsing items from overseas.

2. Delivery period and order reception period

From order to delivery period

2 months item: Leotard, Skirt
-->From order to delivery periods: 75-90 days + overseas shipping time

2 weeks item: Arm foundation
-->From order to delivery periods: 20-24 days + overseas shipping time

Donation item:
-->From order to delivery periods: 30-45 days + overseas shipping time

※It may take more time depending on the region and country you live.

Order reception period
・Our order system is completely made to order, so we open our webshop at the limited period.
・We may close our webshop when we accept a certain amount of order.

2months item, 2 weeks item
About a week from the end of the month to the begining of the next month

※Please confirm the latest order schedule at Order Schedule.


3. About delivery  
Delivery method
・For overseas shipping, please confirm ”Buyee connect
・Please note that we are not responsible for the delivery problems conducted by the thrid agency.
・We cannot integrate different orders which ordered on different time because of our system.
・Please confirm the detailed delivery methods at Buyee Connect's site (Usage guide for Buyee's overseas ordering cart)

4. Note at the time of ordering 
Please confirm the following items as leotards fit your body.
Request which cannot be received
・Size change after the oder, design change
・Order for items which are not listed on the webshop

5. About size selection
The size charts listed on the each item were revised on 28/05/2021.
Tips for size selection
・Body shape characteristics and wear comfort differ depending on customers. Based on this, please refer to the figures in each size chart and take measurement accordingly. 

・Unoa manufactures leotards in 5 sizes for women: S, MS, M, ML, and L, and 3 sizes for children: 115, 125, and 135 (cm).

・Unoa leotards are sewn with the minimum amount of fabric necessary to create beautiful lines that are easy to move around in. We put more emphasis on the fit of each part than leotards made by other companies.

If you are purchasing from the web shop for the first time and are unsure about the size, please consider choosing one size larger than usual.

・Each customer has a different perception of size. We are unable to suggest sizes, so please choose at your own discretion.

・Even with the same product, there may be individual differences of 1 to 2 cm due to differences in the production process, highly elastic materials, patterns, solid colors, etc., differences in purchase times, and measurement methods.

6. Handling and characteristics of products
Item care instruction

・We recommend laundry for hand wash.
・Please refrain from doing the following cares as it may cause damage and color transfer.

 - Long-term soaking
   - Pour detergent directry to the fabric
   - Scrublling
   - Laundry with other clothes
   - Laundry with hot water more than 60 ℃.
 - Ironing or steaming
Sales period
・We produce items one by one after receiving orders from customers. Therefore, we sell items at limited amount and may close our webshop if the order reaches a certain amount. 
Color for fablics

・Colors and texture for each item look different depending on the monitors settings you use and environment. 
Please see the product photos posted on the web shop as images.

Mesh characteristics
・Our products are designed with a focus on the shape, color coordination when worn, and body shaping through the use of mesh. As a result, the fabric under the armpits has been minimized to the smallest extent possible.

Due to this design, there may be some strain on the mesh under the armpits, and the nylon elastic fibers within the mesh may shrink or develop pilling (small balls of fibers) after several wears, caused by sweat and friction.

If the leotard is too small for the body size from the shoulders to the arms, pilling is more likely to occur in that area.

・While it may not be very noticeable during wear, you might observe a slight thinning or curling appearance in the mesh when viewed up close. Rest assured that continuous wear will not cause the mesh to tear to the point of being unwearable. However, if you are particularly sensitive to these concerns, we recommend consulting with us before placing an order.

Elasticity for fabrics

・We purchase fablics at each order, so the elasticity may different depending on the items.

7. Cacellation and return
We offer made-to-order service. Therfore, please refrain from cancellation, size change request and return depending on customer's convenience.

【Inqury for overseas shipping and payment】
Regarding the inqury for overseas shipping and payment, please ask Buyee Connect from the following link after creating your account.
Contact form of Buyee Connect