Balletwear brand unoa

Buyee connect (online purchase and overseas shipping service) 

We have introduced an online purchase and shipping service through “Buyee Connect”.
Please proceed with your purchase as follows.

Step 1

When overseas customers access our webshop, the following popup will appear on the screen as shown below. Please click "How to Use" on the pop-up window and check the instruction.

Step 2

When you enter the Japanese product page, a pop up will show up at the bottom of the page as shown below and you can use the shopping cart written in your language*. 
When you find a product you like, select the quantity/size/color/design etc., along with the product directly at the Japanese site.
Click “Add to cart” or click on the cart icon on the Buyee cart in order to complete the order procedure.

* Languages available: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Spanish, German, and Russian.



Note 1: Shipping Charges and Delivery Periods
Purchased items will be delivered from our place to Buyee's warehouse and be delivered to your designated address. Therefore, you will need to pay a separate delivery fee in addition to the product price indicated on the Japanese page. For details, please check the agency's Usage guide
For delivery, in addition to the delivery period described in How to order on our website, it will take time to be delivered from Buyee to the customer separately. For details, please check the Buyee's Usage guide

Note 2: Language of the website
Except the shopping cart, our webshop is written in Japanese. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please use the Google translation function etc., to translate Japanese into your language and search for your favorite products.

Translation for PC
If you use Google Chrome as a search engine, “Right Click Translate” will help you read our webshop.

Translation for smartphone
If you are viewing this website with a smartphone, the following app will help you read our webshop.


Since the translation function is provided by external service, we cannot handle any problems with the display of your PC or smartphone due to the use of the function. Please use this function at your own risk.



Buyee connect(海外からの購入及び海外発送サービス)

unoaのwebshopでは、Web購入代行サービス"Buyee Connect"を導入しており、海外のお客様でもunoaの商品を購入いただけます。


Step 1
ポップアップの"How to Use"をクリックの上、使用方法をご確認ください。

Step 2
選択ができましたら、画面下に表示される小窓右側に表示されている「Add to cart」をクリックの上、商品購入手続きを進めてください。

*利用可能な外国語: 英語、中国語 (繁体字/簡体字)、インドネシア語、タイ語、韓国語、スペイン語、ドイツ語、ロシア語


注1: 配送料金および配送期間

購入した商品は一度弊社より、代行業者であるBuyeeの倉庫に到着し、ご指定の住所へお届けするため、日本語のページに表記の商品価格に加え、別途配送料金のお支払いが必要になります。詳しくは、代行業者のUsage guide.にてご確認ください。
また、配送には、弊社サイト内How to orderに記載の配送期間に加えて、別途代行業者からお客様にお届けする配送の時間がかかります。詳しくは、代行業者のUsage guide.にてご確認ください。


注2: ウェブサイト言語について



検索エンジンでGoogle Chromeをご使用の場合、右クリック翻訳機能(“Right Click Translate”)が使えます。